We recently purchased equipment from Mount Baker Mining and Metals for use at our hard rock mine in Montana.

We got the 4’ x 8’ shaker table and an impact mill.

Approximately 90-95 percent of the gold makes its way to the end of the table (“super cons”); 5-10 percent is recovered in the middlings; with virtually none found in the tailings zone. The table is simple to operate and adjust for various types of material.

The impact mill takes our material that has been crushed to 1/2” minus and pulverizes it. Approximately 75 percent of the rock is less than 20 mesh on the first pass through the mill and is deposited directly on the shaker table for concentration.

The owners have been very helpful and have always taken the time to answer our questions and advise us on how best to make the most efficient and productive use of their equipment. We are very satisfied with the products and services that we have gotten from Mount Baker Mining and Metals. The table does a remarkable job of separating gold down to 300-400 mesh.”

— Bill Stiles III (Washington, USA)

The 10″x16″ Jaw Crusher is working great. We are very pleased with the rate at which it crushes and the reduction size achieved. The reduction size does help the Hammer Mill’s performance. The Jaw Crusher performs much better than Dusty imagined; it well out performs other we have worked with and around...

— Sandy (US Gold Miner in Mexico)


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  • Used worldwide
  • Precision Results

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