Jaw Crusher Modules

We have combined a vibrating hopper,  jaw crusher and a stacking conveyor belt, integrating it into a machine we call a jaw crusher module. These are offered with the full range of jaw crusher sizes from our 6” x 10”, up to our 16” x 24 “ jaw crushers. These modules are ideal for a variety of industries, from ore processing to construction waste management and more.

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Product Description

By combining our vibrating hopper, jaw crusher, and stacking conveyor belt into an integrated system, our jaw crusher module provides hands-free crushing and stacking of your crushable materials.  Though it is the first section our turnkey ore processor system, the jaw crusher module operates as a stand-alone machine, built for processing quarry gravel, broken concrete, and demolition waste for removal and reuse, as well as scrap granite and quartz counter top material for landscape fill. These are offered with the full range of jaw crusher sizes from our 6” x 10”, up to our 16” x 24 “ size.

The components of the Jaw Crusher Module are:

  • Vibrating hopper
  • 20′ Conveyor belt
  • Jaw crusher
  • All mounted on a steel framework



Jaw crusher modules are used in a wide variety of industries across many fields.  Below are just some of the materials crushed by our customers:

  • Hardrock metallic and non-metallic ores: gold/silver/copper, wollastonite, barite, tungsten, quartz, coal, limestone
  • Aggregate: field stones, river rock, blast rock, lava rock
  • Construction waste: asphalt, concrete, bricks, pavers, etc.
  • Decorative stone industry waste: cuttings, remnants, granite scrap, marble, sandstone
  • Recycled materials: glass, metallic slag, porcelain, compressed metallic blocks
  • Fertilizer components
  • Sea shells and bones

Hard rock Mining

The jaw crusher has been a staple of the hard rock mining industry since its invention.  It is used as a primary crusher for all types of ores.  The jaw typically takes the larger run of mine product and produces a sized discharge for feed to a secondary crusher such as a cone crusher, ball mill, or hammer mill, as part of a turn-key system.  We have sold our jaw crusher modules to many different industries over the years, but the hard rock mining industry is still our #1 purchaser of our jaw crushers, modules,  and other equipment.


Aggregate / Stone Management

As with hard rock mining, the aggregate industry is no stranger to the need for crushed rock. Jaw crusher modules will take rounded stones or blasted rock from quarry, acreage, or demolition pile and reduce them to operator specifications. Farmers, loggers, and ranchers trying to manage field stones or other rock on their acreage use our smaller jaw crushers, and jaw crusher modules to turn waste rock into usable fill, gravel, and trail building material. Whether you need to fill pot holes or to use your crushed fines as ballast for a new road, we have the right sized and powered jaw crusher module to meet your needs. Watch the video below demonstrate our 10″x 16″ jaw crusher turning rounded river boulders of mixed stone types and hardness, including quartzite, basalt, and greenstone niche, into a 1.5″ minus, 30 ton pile of useful crushed rock: