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Ball Mills

Ball mills have been the primary piece of machinery in traditional hard rock circuits for 100+ years.  They are proven workhorses, with discharge mesh sizes from ~40M to <200M.   Use of a ball mill is the best choice when long term, stationary milling can be justified by an operation.   Sold individually or as part of our turnkey ore processing system.

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Product Description

Our ball mills are industrial grade and designed for continuous operation, equipped with oversize roller bearings and a complete drive system.  All wear parts are highly abrasion resistant and replaceable.

The capacity, or throughput, of a ball mill, is directly linked to particle size of the ball mill discharge.  For example, it takes approximately 3 times as long to achieve 200 mesh grind as it does to achieve 65 mesh grind. Establishing a commercial liberation size is critical when designing and engineering your grinding circuit.  A desired throughput in tons per hour, and a discharge particle size must be specified to properly select the right ball mill for your operation.  Call us to help find the right ball mill for your application.



Ball Mill Size, Diameter x Length
Total Weight w/ Mill, Drive and Balls
3 Phase Motor
Grind 12MM Feed to 65 Mesh Discharge
Grind 12MM Feed to 100 Mesh Discharge
Grind 12MM Feed to 200 Mesh Discharge
3′ x 6′ 13,700 lbs 20 HP 0.9 tons/hr 0.6 tons/hr 0.3 tons/hr
4′ x 8′ 33,200 lbs 40 HP 2.3 tons/hr 1.7 tons/hr 0.8 tons/hr
5′ x 10′ 59,400 lbs 100 HP 4.6 tons/hr 3.9 tons/hr 1.6 tons/hr
6′ x 10′ 94,600 lbs 180 HP 7.3 tons/hr 6.4 tons/hr 3.1 tons/hr
6′ x 15′ 115,300 lbs 200 HP 11 tons/hr 9.6 tons/hr 4.7 tons/hr

For questions and/or an expert opinion on what size and accessories you’ll need to complete your job, we’re here to help answer anything you have.