The number of  jaw crushers sold to granite counter top and other decorative stone fabricators continues to rise steadily, mirroring the rise of scrap disposal fees. Decorative stone scrap is created daily, and a jaw crusher provides a productive, value-oriented, and efficient way to process waste scrap and eliminate disposal fees.
Many of our customers are crushing between 1-5 tons of decorative stone and granite waste daily. Crushed granite can be applied to a wide range of uses and reuses to save disposal dollars and gain additional profits.

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Jaw Crusher Modules

The Jaw Crusher Module includes a combined vibrating hopper, jaw crusher and stacking conveyor belt integrated on a structural steel framework with skids.

The crusher is working like a champ so far, no maintenance needed yet. We’ve been using the crushed material for road base at the property. No complaints.”

— Masonry/Stone Fabricator (Texas, USA)


  • Made in the USA
  • Used worldwide
  • Precision Results

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