Bill Stiles III (Washington, USA)

The owners have been very helpful and have always taken the time to answer our questions and advise us on how best to make the most efficient and productive use of their equipment. We are very satisfied with the products and services that we have gotten from Mount Baker Mining and Metals…

Tomas Z. (California, USA)

I purchased a 12”x9” hammer mill and 4’x8’ shaker table from Mt. Baker Mining and Metals because they helped me choose the right equipment regarding type and size. I have my processing plant assembled and in production. The equipment is very well made, simple to operate and very durable…

Joe Reyes (Ace Hauling, San Antonio, TX)

I bought a 10″x16″ jaw crusher from Mt. Baker Mining in February 2014 for crushing concrete and demolition debris. I have installed a 37 hp gasoline motor on the crusher so it is mobile and I can haul it on the back of my truck.  The jaw crusher is working great! To say we are happy with what the jaw crusher can do is a serious understatement”

Colorado Miner

My assayer called last night about the table samples. The first thing he said was that whatever system that was processed on was very impressive. It is pretty obvious that your system is excellent and works as you have represented…

Sandy (US Gold Miner in Mexico)

The 10″x16″ Jaw Crusher is working great. We are very pleased with the rate at which it crushes and the reduction size achieved. The reduction size does help the Hammer Mill’s performance. The Jaw Crusher performs much better than Dusty imagined; it well out performs other we have worked with and around…

Bob & Nancy Monfort (Hearts Empowering the Poor, Mexico)

We produced 4000 block the last two weeks. About 500 block each day over an 8 day work period. Takes us about one and a half hours to crush enough clay clods in to dust to include with sand & cement to make the 500 block. Your supplied [diesel powered] hammer mill has been working well…

Montana Hardrock Miner (Montana, USA)

Jaw works great. I had an absolute blast with you guys. Hope we can get together again.”

Masonry/Stone Fabricator (Texas, USA)

The crusher is working like a champ so far, no maintenance needed yet. We’ve been using the crushed material for road base at the property. No complaints.”

Tut (Vermont)

We put oil and fuel in the engine, hooked up all the wiring according to your directions, jumped it to our John Deere tractor, turned the key and it started right up. It is a very nice engine and I would certainly consider buying one for other equipment we have…

Tracy (Alabama)

I wanted to let you know that the crusher is working very well. I have been able to process our material in a very productive, safe and efficient manner. We are running at a rate of 3,500 lbs per hour which is essentially as fast as I can feed it…

I just got my milling operation set up and I am fine tuning it. I am very happy how everything works I think we chose the right size and very happy with the decision to get the big shaker table, it is awesome!”

— California Hardrock Miner (California, USA)


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