Jaw Crushers

Mt. Baker Mining and Metals’ jaw crushers are ready-to-run, right out of the crate.  They are engineered for long life, with low energy consumption and durable, industrial-grade moving parts. Applications for use include:

  • Hardrock mining
  • Aggregate industry
  • Construction waste
  • Decorative stone/ granite scrap


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Product Description

Jaw crushers are the work horse of the crushing industry for mining, construction, and demolition recycling. Mt. Baker Mining and Metals’ jaw crushers are industrial grade, continuous duty machines. They take large pieces of rock, ore, concrete, or other materials, and crush them down to smaller sizes, for further processing in a ball or hammer mill, or for use in ballast or fill applications.

Standard features include:

  • Complete and ready to run including jaw crusher, belts, motor, full-enclosure guards, all integrated on a steel skid
  • Over-sized bearings and castings, robust construction, long-wearing cast manganese steel jaw plates
  • Sizes: 6”x10” through 16″x24″ jaw opening
  • Discharge size: ranges from 3/4” minus through 4″ minus
  • Electric, gas, and diesel power options are available
  • All wear and replacement parts are in stock
  • Most machines are in-stock for quick delivery



Jaw crushers are used in a wide variety of industries across many fields.  Below are just some of the materials crushed by our customers:

  • Hardrock metallic and non-metallic ores: gold/silver/copper, wollastonite, barite, tungsten, quartz, coal, limestone
  • Aggregate: field stones, river rock, blast rock, lava rock
  • Construction waste: asphalt, concrete, bricks, pavers, etc.
  • Decorative stone industry waste: cuttings, remnants, granite scrap, marble, sandstone
  • Recycled materials: glass, metallic slag, porcelain, compressed metallic blocks
  • Fertilizer components
  • Sea shells and bones

Hardrock Mining

The jaw crusher has been a staple of the hardrock mining industry since its invention. It is used as a primary crusher for all types of ores. The jaw typically takes the larger run of mine product and produces a sized discharge for feed to a secondary crusher such as a cone crusher, ball mill, or hammer mill. We have sold our jaw crushers to many different industries over the years, but the hard rock mining industry is still our #1 purchaser of our crushers and other equipment. See the video below of one of our 6″x10″ jaw crushers crushing hard quartz ore:



Just like with hardrock mining, the aggregate industry is no stranger to the jaw crusher. Jaws will take the rounded stones or blasted rock from the quarry and crush them to the spec the operator needs. We sell many of our smaller crushers to farmers, loggers, and ranchers who are looking for a way to take their field stones or other rock material from their land and turn it into a usable product. Whether you are looking for material to fill pot holes or to use as ballast for a new road we have the unit that can do the work and produce the product you need. Check out the two videos below of our 10″x16″ jaw crusher devouring granite slabs, rounded river boulders, and waste concrete:



Construction waste

Is there any true waste stream any more? Mt. Baker Mining and Metals doesn’t think so and neither do many of our customers. We have been amazed at the number of units we have sold to customers in the construction and demolition fields using our crushers for waste recycling. If you have piles of debris such as: concrete, asphalt, pavers, sidewalks, bricks, cinder block, etc a jaw crusher can turn your waste stream into a valuable product. Many of our customers in the construction waste industry are able to charge for waste removal and then once crushed can sell the product, sometimes back to the same job site! If you are in the construction/demo industry give us a call today to talk more about the feasibility of one of our crushers in your yard or on your job site. Below is a video of one of our smaller 6″x10″ jaw crushers crushing asphalt, as well as one of our 10″x16″ gas powered units crushing waste concrete:

Decorative Stone/ granite waste

The number of crushers we have sold to granite counter top and other decorative stone fabricators in the last year has really surprised us. We never realized how much decorative stone scrap is produced by this industry and how badly a small crusher is needed. Many of our past customers are crushing somewhere between 1-5 tons of decorative stone and granite waste a day. One of the first crushers we ever sold was to a granite shop in Texas and we just heard back from him almost 3 years later and he told us it is still running strong and operating between 4-6 hours per day. Many of our granite waste customers are not just filling potholes either. We have reports of companies selling the crushed and sorted material for more than $150 per ton! Below is one of our small 6″x10″ jaw crushers rated at 1-3 tons per hour crushing granite counter top waste and a few pics from one of our past granite counter top customers in Texas:



Here are the different jaw crushers we offer:

6″ X 10″
  • 1-3 tons/hour
  • 5.5″ Feed size
  • 3/4″-2″ Discharge size
  • 1,600 lbs
8″ X 12″
  • 2-6 tons/hour
  • 7.5″ Feed size
  • 3/4″-2.5″ Discharge size
  • 2,400 lbs
10″ X 16″
  • 5-20 tons/hour
  • 9″ Feed size
  • 1″-3″ Discharge size
  • 5,600 lbs
16″ X 24″
  • 15-60 tons/hour
  • 14″ Feed size
  • 1″-4″ Discharge size
  • 14,000 lbs

Please contact us with any questions and/or an expert opinion on what jaw crusher size is best for your project. We can help identify requirements and meet your needs.





I wanted to let you know that the crusher is working very well. I have been able to process our material in a very productive, safe and efficient manner. We are running at a rate of 3,500 lbs per hour which is essentially as fast as I can feed it. I look forward to the future when I can add more jaw crushers or increase the size to a larger model capable of handling more at one time. I am very pleased. Thank you for your help. You have been a great help in growing my business.”

– Tracy (Alabama)


We put oil and fuel in the engine, hooked up all the wiring according to your directions, jumped it to our John Deere tractor, turned the key and it started right up. It is a very nice engine and I would certainly consider buying one for other equipment we have. To say we are happy with the what the jaw crusher can do is a serious understatement! I could just barely keep up with loading it. The speed and volume is quite impressive. You can be sure that we will be showing off what it can do to anyone willing to watch. Thanks for everything!”

– Tut (Vermont)


I bought a 10″x16″ jaw crusher from Mt. Baker Mining in February 2014 for crushing concrete and demolition debris. I have installed a 37 hp gasoline motor on the crusher so it is mobile and I can haul it on the back of my truck. The jaw crusher is working great!”

– Joe Reyes (San Antonio, Texas)