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Ball Mills

Ball mills have been the primary piece of machinery in the traditional hard rock grinding circuit for 100+ years.  They are proven workhorses, with discharge mesh sizes from ~40M to <200M.  When an operation can justify a long term, stationary milling facility, the use of a ball mill is the best choice.  We sell them individually or as a component in our turnkey ore processor.

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Product Description

Our ball mills are industrial grade and designed for continuous operation, equipped with oversized roller bearings and a complete drive system.  All wear parts are highly abrasion resistant and replaceable.

The capacity, or through-put, of a ball mill, is directly linked to particle size of the ball mill discharge.  For instance, it takes about 3 times as long to grind to 200 mesh as it does to grind to 65 mesh, so establishing a commercial liberation size is critical when designing the grinding circuit.  The buyer must specify both a desired through-put in tons per hour, and a discharge particle size in order to properly select a ball mill.  Give us a call for help in choosing the right ball mill for your application.



Ball Mill Size, Diameter x Length
Total Weight w/ Mill, Drive and Balls
3 Phase Motor
Grind 12MM Feed to 65 Mesh Discharge
Grind 12MM Feed to 100 Mesh Discharge
Grind 12MM Feed to 200 Mesh Discharge
3′ x 6′ 13,700 lbs 20 HP 0.9 tons/hr 0.6 tons/hr 0.3 tons/hr
4′ x 8′ 33,200 lbs 40 HP 2.3 tons/hr 1.7 tons/hr 0.8 tons/hr
5′ x 10′ 59,400 lbs 100 HP 4.6 tons/hr 3.9 tons/hr 1.6 tons/hr
6′ x 10′ 94,600 lbs 180 HP 7.3 tons/hr 6.4 tons/hr 3.1 tons/hr
6′ x 15′ 115,300 lbs 200 HP 11 tons/hr 9.6 tons/hr 4.7 tons/hr

For questions and/or an expert opinion on what size and accessories you’ll need to complete your job, we’re here to help answer anything you have.