The number of jaw crushers we have sold to granite counter top and other decorative stone fabricators in the last year has really surprised us.  We never realized how much decorative stone scrap is produced by this industry and how badly a small crusher is needed.  Many of our customers are crushing somewhere between 1-5 tons of decorative stone and granite waste a day.  One of the first crushers we ever sold was to a granite shop in Texas and we just heard back from him almost 3 years later and he told us it is still running strong and operating between 4-6 hours per day.

The uses for the crushed granite is quite diverse. We have reports of companies selling the crushed and sorted material for more than $150 per ton! Check out the video to see one of our small 6″x10″ jaw crushers rated at 1­-3 tons per hour crushing granite counter top waste.

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Jaw Crusher Modules

We have combined a vibrating hopper, a jaw crusher and a stacking conveyor belt and integrated it into a machine we call a jaw crusher module.

My assayer called last night about the table samples. The first thing he said was that whatever system that was processed on was very impressive. It is pretty obvious that your system is excellent and works as you have represented...

— Colorado Miner


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