Gold Mining Equipment

Mt. Baker Mining and Metals specializes in designing and manufacturing custom small scale hardrock mills and mining equipment designed for the recovery of fine gold and other dense materials using gravity methods. Learn more about our Jaw Crushers, Hammer Mills and Gold Shaker Tables.

Ore Milling Process

We offer complete ore processing systems and individual components that are durable, simple to use, and simple to maintain. Tell us about your project and we can discuss specific options for your operation. If we can’t provide what you need, we’ll make a recommendation for where you can find it. We can ship both domestically and internationally.

Check out our video of the full Ore Milling Process: Click here.


Mt. Baker Mining & Metals
“We put oil and fuel in the engine, hooked up all the wiring according to your directions, jumped it to our John Deere tractor, turned the key and it started right up. It is a very nice engine and I would certainly consider buying one for other equipment we have. To say we are happy with the what the jaw crusher can do is a serious understatement! I could just barely keep up with loading it. The speed and volume is quite impressive. You can be sure that we will be showing off what it can do to anyone willing to watch. Thanks for everything!"